Cinetopia Progress Ridge

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Each of our auditoriums features the industry’s finest comforts with plush Ultra Leather extra wide seats, extra leg room, and excellent stadium viewing. Grand Auditoriums offer luxury seating and Digital Super High Definition film presentation. The Living Room Theaters each have five seating areas that create a private skybox type of experience.  You may purchase unique and classic concessions and use a special tray that attaches to your arm rest.

Cinetopia’s full service restaurant and wine bar, Vinotopia. Similar to the existing Cinetopia in Vancouver Washington, Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14 has an art gallery and other unique entertainment venues.Watch for our collectible movie tickets that include a miniature print of one of the featured gallery artists. The business card-sized stub can be kept in your wallet so you can call or check the web quickly for movie times, buy advance tickets or make dinner reservations.

Phone: (503) 597-6910