DIY Hacks For This Thanksgiving


       Hello lovely residents of Courtyard at Cedar Hills! This Thanksgiving spice up your cooking techniques with these genius DIY hacks! Check out our personal favorites and click on the link below for the full list that will make this holiday season both easy and delicious.

1.) Keep the mashed potatoes warm in a slow cooker. You'll have a whole extra burner for gravy!

2.)Let your dishwasher wash the potatoes for you and peel them when they come out clean. OR, boil them with the skin on and give them a dunk in cold water once cooked. This will shock the skins loose and make peeling a breeze.

3.) Spray paint dry autumn leaves gold, then use a marker to make table name plates.

4.) Use your cooler. It works as a second fridge. Everything that doesn’t fit in the refrigerator — which is a lot on Thanksgiving — goes in the cooler. It’s so simple, yet so genius.

Check the full list of DIY Thanksgiving hacks at:

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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